Felix Yevtushenkov: Generation of Best Educational Practices

Felix Yevtushenkov Generation of Best Educational Practices

The labor market in Russia, as in the rest of the developing world, is constantly changing. Over the past decade, specialists have ceased to meet the quality needs of the employer.

There are many reasons why this could happen — for example, the lack of harmonization of educational programs and the renewal of production. The charitable foundation (Chairman of the Board of Trustees – Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov) is taking successful steps to change the situation. The foundation has developed and launched a platform, the purpose of which is to solve the problems of the quality of education.

In 2020, the foundation made a bet on updating the Russian career guidance system. To this end, it is planned to develop the Lift to the Future project. This is a program to increase the availability of education and help young people choose a profession.

The developers of the platform and Felix Yevtushenkov himself, believe that the program will allow young professionals to feel confident in their chosen industry. It will be a driver of economic growth for its city, region, or country. Felix Yevtushenkov personally attended the opening of a digital skills school in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The project was launched in other areas of Russia as well.

The foundation’s modern EdTech solution is also focused on solving the problem of the wrong choice of professional path, which the younger generation can do with an eye to stereotypes. The program motivates to build a personal professional brand.

One of the main advantages of the Lift to the Future platform is its interactivity.

The spread of educational methods is proceeding at a rapid pace. The training is provided by vocational guidance teachers and teachers of additional education. Everyone finds what suits him from more than 80 courses offered on the platform.

Experts are sure that the time has come for the applicant’s market, not the employer. Entire industries compete with each other for personnel. Felix Yevtushenkov Afk sistema and the foundation under his chairmanship are training employees who are confident in their abilities and knowledge.

Biography of Felix Yevtushenkov

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich was born on November 14, 1978, in Moscow. He received two higher educations. The first is in a legal specialty, and the second is in the management of oil and gas enterprises.

He was engaged in developing and implementing several projects in cooperation with AFK Sistema. Since 2018, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a large charitable foundation.

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