New Yuan digital currency of china on red economy graph chart

Digital Economy Development in China Shifts the Focus to the Production Side

By Wei Hongxu Just recently, China’s Central Commission for Comprehensively Deepening Reform reviewed various plans for data system, including a guideline on building the basic...
China's Quest

China’s Quest to be a Global Digital Economy Leader

By Rachel Gong and Yeu-Mynn Yeung China is on a quest to be the world’s digital economy leader. In December 2021, China released a five-year...
gender gaps

Better Use of Technology Can Help Us Close Racial and Gender Gaps at Work

Today's firms use software to measure almost everything. The lifeblood of sales teams is hard "key performance indicators," or KPIs, such as the number...
China's innovation machine

China’s ‘Innovation Machine’: How It Works, How It’s Changing and Why It Matters

By Marina Yue Zhang, David Gann, and Mark Dodgson China has had the world’s fastest growing economy since the 1980s. A key driver of this...
design system

Design Systems in China and the European Union 

By Júlia Alves Coutinho  The design of a product can be protected by an intellectual property right through a registration before an intellectual property office....
digital transformation

Digital Transformation and Innovation Key to Personal Accessories in Asia Pacific

By Anul Sareen and Julia Illera Personal accessories sales in the Asia Pacific declined by 16% in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic led to national...

AI Strawberries And Blockchain Chicken: How Digital Agriculture Could Rescue Global Food Security” 

An AI-assisted team recently beat traditional farmers in a Chinese strawberry-growing competition. China plans to overhaul its smallholder farming culture with extensive...

COVID: China Is Developing Its Own mRNA Vaccine – And It’s Showing Early Promise

China, the country that first detected the novel coronavirus, remains one of the few not to have imported one of the exceptionally effective mRNA...

Tesla’s Path Forward in China

By Eric Harwitt During an April virtual visit to a South Carolina electric bus maker, President Joe Biden stated U.S. manufacturers should be “the single most significant...
New Globalization

Reshoring and New Globalization: The Future of Supply Chains

By Luigi Gentili Reshoring is an economic phenomenon that has increased during the pandemic crisis. Many governments and businesses decide to repatriate their production lines...


trade wars

The Fed-Induced Recessions