Software Development Trends in 2021

Software Development Trends in 2021

For many people, including me, 2020 has been a very unfortunate year, all this because of Covid19. But Covid wasn’t bad for everyone. In a way, the virus has helped the software development industry by forcing almost all of the organizations and companies to review their digital strategies and manage new tech strategies simultaneously. This happened at the same time with the health implications.

Software development services now are more important for a company than they’ve ever been, this is because of the current situation we’re in. Now organizations and companies rely on the software developers expertise to help them in order to improve their customer performance and experiences.

As 2020 comes to an end (thank god), 2021 promises new trends and innovation, meaning starting a new era in technology. In this piece I will try to walk you through some of the trends which I think will define the new era.

Native Apps: Will dominate the market

Native App development is unparalleled, as it is now, but going forward, expectations are that this trend will dominate the software development services in the near future.

These types of services are meant to work only on specific devices, for example, only on tablets or smartphones. Given the fact that they are designed only for specific devices, Native apps provide a more powerful performance, compared to hybrid apps.

As of 2021, it does not seem like native apps are going down any time soon. Given the fact that iOS and Android operating systems are growing each day, Native Apps success is guaranteed.

Cloud Technology: It is here to stay

Only in 2020, $40 billion in revenue were generated by cloud services. Now the market for cloud service value is up to 66$, around 30% growth from the past year. That’s a huge growth in a year.

The big money is in cloud services. This is a well established fact in the software development industry.

Cloud vendors such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon, in 2021 will continue to invest a lot of money in the cloud industry.

Reason behind this is quite simple, the number of companies that are already using cloud services is huge, and bigger is the number of companies or organizations that will start using cloud services.

All sorts of organizations, big, medium or small, at some point, they will all be moving to cloud services.

Cloud services are so successful because they offer flexibility, security and scalability preventing the threat of the ever present hackers that could lead to security breach.

5G Technology: It will be unparalleled

5G Technology made a lot of waves, back in 2020, when it was accused of the coronavirus outbreak, undeservedly. Even though this was disapproved by the biggest scientists in the world, and has been left behind. But now developers can expect 5G to become a trend, and for all the right reasons now. 4G is 100 slower than the 5G networks. Now 5G it is expected to lead data transmissions in 1.4 billion devices.

Some of the reasons particularly responsible for the success of 5G networks are virtual reality, 4k video streaming and augmented reality. 5G networks will be found useful especially by software developers, who will try and find this tech useful in creating designs and features for businesses that will enhance their performance.

Artificial Intelligence: Investments will increase

The impact of Artificial Intelligence in software development is growing with each day passing, and one cannot deny its impact. It is one of the parts of the industry that is growing the fastest, given the nature of it. Analytics based on Artificial Intelligence are already being used by technology giants like Apple, Google, Facebook and others. The progression of AI is faster than anything else and in 2021 delivering relevant user experience and decision making will be better and continue getting better.

Final thoughts

Like nothing else, Software Development will be dominating the world in 2021 and beyond, that is for sure. And businesses that will pay attention towards this or incorporate this in their business somehow, will be the ones who will see success more.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of All China Review.


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