China and Trump: A New Mega-narrative

By Zha Daojiong Is the relationship between the United States and China destined to start off on a negative footing under President Trump? Such questioning...

The Contemporary Value of Marx’s Practice of Civilisation

By Bao Zonghao Karl Marx’s practice of civilisation was used as a reference to this article. However, this is not the full and systematic explanation...

China’s New Leadership: 2017–2022 Leaders, Grand Strategy and Policies

By Dan Steinbock After the 19th Congress, Xi’s China is preparing for a new roadmap domestically and internationally. This is Dr. Dan Steinbock’s in-depth analysis...

BRICS – Potential and Future in an Emerging New World Economy

By Peter Koenig The article is based on an interview with Tashreeq Truebody, Radio 786, South Africa. Peter Koenig elaborates on the potential of BRICS...

Slavehood 2017

By Peter Koenig We thought slavehood has been abolished a long time ago. Peter Koenig begs to disagree as he describes how we live in...


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