Unemployed due to Covid-19? Check Out These Vital Tech Skills to Get a New Position

Losing your job during the coronavirus pandemic can drive you into a tough situation. Dealing with expenses can be overwhelming. But, the good thing is that you are not alone in this boat. In fact, April 2020’s unemployment rate was the worst since the great depression in the US. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, companies leaned on remote workers to move forward. And learning tech skills became vital to get a new position.

If you don’t know where to start, moving in the right direction can be difficult. In that case, here’s a short guide that will help you upskill and face unemployment. As you’ll learn what employers are looking in their new hirings, meeting their expectations won’t be a hurdle.

Machine Learning

Smart systems are reshaping today’s market, and leading companies are looking for candidates with machine learning skills. So, if you’re willing to become an attractive candidate, you can’t avoid learning ML. By implementing machine learning algorithms, world-class companies like Netflix allow users to have better experiences. 

Netflix’s app provides customers accurate suggestions based on previously watched content. Other companies like Spotify and Walmart use machine learning similarly. But in the hospitality industry, some companies are using machine learning and AI to improve their guest attraction strategies. With the use of artificial intelligence bots, they can provide instant responses to guests’ requests. 

On the other hand, tech professionals like data scientists and data analysts use machine learning to create better insights. Given that, they allow organizations to make better decisions and remain competitive. Enrolling in a Python bootcamp is a great way to start learning. 

As Python is excellent for interpreting, analyzing, and visualizing data, you’ll have what it takes to impress employers. Python bootcamps not only teach you how to use Python. Also, they provide you with the right knowledge to stand out from the competition. 

Web Development

The increasing demand for websites has made web development essential to get a new position. Nowadays, organizations are making very attractive job offers to web developers. For example, a front end developer salary is $115,000 per year in the US. And they not only earn mind-blowing salaries. They can also enjoy benefits like paid vacations, parental leave, on-site gym classes, and even spa sessions.

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, learning JavaScript can help you achieve your goal. As it can be used for front end and back end development, it’s becoming a must-have for web developers.

JavaScript also allows web developers to focus on designing instead of coding. By using frameworks, they can create more dynamic sites in less time. So, catching customers’ attention is no big deal for organizations with JavaScript programmers in their tech team.

Coding schools like Springboard offers flexible courses that allow you to learn JavaScript in only a few months. Their software engineering course enables you to learn from the latest JavaScript framework to SQL and Python skills. And as you’ll receive help from a career support team, you’ll be ready to land a qualified job within six months after graduation. Otherwise, your tuition will be refunded.  

Cloud Computing

Data is becoming the new gold, and the use of physical databases is becoming old school. Today, organizations require data security and accessibility. And cloud computing services are giving them what they need. In the past few years, more companies have moved to the cloud. This is not only to keep data secure but to reduce costs. Since companies don’t need large rooms for data storing infrastructures, they’ve cut down on expenses.

Amazon is the leading company in cloud services. As they provide customers with security and data analysis features, more companies are using their services. So, learning Amazon Web Services skills is a great option to convince employers and get hired.

Coding Dojo allows candidates to learn AWS skills in only 16 weeks. In their part-time coding bootcamp, students only need to spend 20 hours per week learning. And as the company allows them to learn with hands-on projects, they can give employers what they need.

Mobile Development

Smartphones and mobile apps are now essential in our everyday life. As they allow us to do everything with only one device, they’re making our lives much more comfortable. Mobile developers are in-demand because they’re helping companies to meet customers’ needs. 

During Covid-19, online shopping has increased, and mobile apps played a crucial role in it. In that case, learning mobile development skills will indeed increase your job opportunities. Whether you become an Android or iOS developer, employers will want you on their team.

Enrolling in General Assembly’s coding bootcamp is the best choice if you’re willing to upskill The company offers an Android development course that allows you to learn from experts in the field. And as you’ll build real mobile apps, you’ll develop fundamental skills. At General Assembly, you’ll learn in-demand programming tools like Java to help you meet employers’ needs. 

Digital Marketing

During Covid-19, digital marketers are playing an important role. As they allow companies to improve their marketing strategies, increasing customer satisfaction is no barrier. Digital marketers are responsible for reaching audiences in new ways. So, using social networks, they can increase companies’ brand recognition and help them provide better customer service.

However, to become a digital marketer, you need more than learning how to use social networks. They also need to know SEO skills and implement automated solutions to save time in repetitive tasks like, for example, sending emails.

Thinkful allows you to learn digital marketing tools in six weeks. By learning email marketing, content marketing, and SEM skills, you’ll have the expertise to join any marketing team. And if money is a problem for you, Thinkful offers different financing options to let students focus on learning. 


Learning these tech skills will help you to increase your chances of getting hired. As you’ll be able to work from home, working during isolation is not a problem. Keep in mind that these days companies are looking for remote workers. As they allow organizations to reduce costs and increase productivity, they’ve become very valuable.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of All China Review.


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