Cryptocurrencies in 2021

If you are willing to invest or trade cryptocurrency, the choice now is bigger than ever as there are more than 6,000 currencies available.  By some speculations, the upcoming trends for 2021 will cause a massive boom in the cryptocurrency market. The choice to pick a suitable cryptocurrency can prove to be a difficult choice as they are very different from each other, offering various boons depending on the currency.

The thing with Cryptocurrencies is that there is no currency that rises above the rest and there is no such ‘best of the best’ because there are too many choices and the list just keeps on growing. Cryptocurrencies offer attractive opportunities to invest in, but it all comes down to what you are looking for and what is your point of investing.

Now, let’s take a deeper look and explain the hottest cryptocurrencies for 2021!


Litecoin is the only rival to the mega-popular Bitcoin, and 2021 will be a great year to invest in it. This cryptocurrency is liquid and it has a large market size. The difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is that Litecoin is limited to 84 million coins, way more than Bitcoin, which is limited to just 24 million coins.

The approximated time to mine a block of Litecoin blockchain is around 2 minutes, and that is way faster than most of the currencies nowadays.

For those that wish to avoid big risks and stay in smaller markets, Litecoin is the perfect choice as the prediction for 2021 is that Litecoin will be one of the most stable cryptocurrencies on the market. One sign of that Litecoin is gainer in popularity is that many casinos now accept Litecoin to make a deposit. We expect this strong trend to continue in 2021.


When we mention anything associated with cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is always on top of the discussion. Bitcoin is the so-called ‘King of Cryptocurrencies’ and the main goal for Bitcoin is to become the first 100% decentralized, worldwide digital currency Bitcoin was the world’s first cryptocurrency and some predict that it will be the last one standing, too!

The advantage of Bitcoin is that you won’t have any trouble buying or selling it. People are trading Bitcoin constantly. Another reason why should you stick to Bitcoin is that it has the highest liquidity rate of all existing cryptocurrencies and it is recommended for all beginners willing to work with cryptocurrencies.

For the upcoming 2021, Bitcoin will remain on top and as the demands are increasing, there will only be 24 million coins available in the whole currency!

At mentioned earlier about Litecoin this is also true for Bitcoin. There are now hundreds of casinos that will accept Bitcoin in 2021. Also PayPal and other platforms and companies are opening their doors to this cryptocurrency in 2021.

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token or simply BAT is one of the most-traded cryptocurrencies in the last 3 years and this trend is expected to continue during the entire 2021. The man behind the concept of BAT is the creator of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich. The idea of Basic Attention Token is to tip content creators and anyone you find being helpful on the internet.

As other coins are beginning to collapse, BAT is not going anywhere and its popularity will only grow in 2021. This token is utilized by the Brave Browser and it’s up to the people to see the true potential of Basic Attention Token. 


Etherium is only the second cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and the second-most liquid currency. If you are interested in buying or selling this cryptocurrency, you won’t have any problems since Ethereum trades are constantly happening all over the internet! This cryptocurrency is predicted to stay in the Top 10 for the years to come, and it will remain a strong currency to invest in.

The main reason why Ethereum’s popularity will grow is because of their loyal team and strong community.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash gathered a lot of attention in the past three years and has become a thorn in Bitcoin’s eye. Roger Ver is the supposed man behind Bitcoin Cash who openly supported Bitcoin in the past years. In 2020 the value of Bitcoin Cash climbed to a $9 billion market cap, which is almost $500 per coin!

The one advantage that Bitcoin Cash has over Bitcoin is that the fees are way much cheaper and with that, the investments are cheap as well. Bitcoin Cash supporters believe that the original Bitcoin has changed in recent years and is far from what it used to be intended for.

Bitcoin Cash is set to remain two steps ahead Bitcoin in 2021, and its popularity is predicted to grow.

Sum Up

Cryptocurrencies are intended to be the future of payments and investments and it’s already known that their popularity and value will only continue to grow. In the upcoming 2021, the most popular cryptocurrencies will retain their spots on every ranking list and their price is predicted to rise.

The choice is now bigger than ever, and investors are having a hard time deciding where to invest or what currency to buy. Whatever you choose, remember: all of these cryptocurrencies have the highest possible security levels implemented and you should always have a 2-step factor authentication enabled!

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