The Jack Ma Story: Why Thinking Big is More Important than Technical Knowledge

By Rainer Zitelmann "We don’t want to be number one in China. We want to be number one in the world," said Jack Ma shortly...
education in China

How China has been transforming international education to become a leading host of students

By Jing Qi When Australians think of international education and China, they typically consider the country as a source of international students — Australia’s largest. But...

Making a Difference in the Pandemic Times: Nursing Edition

Basically, nurses have a duty to provide medical care for their patients. However, we can’t deny that this pandemic has shown just how integral...
Language learning

14 Benefits of Learning a New Language for Business

By Shristi Patni With the advent of time, businesses have expanded, competition has risen, and if you are versed in a second language, then it's...

Is China A Place For Newly Grads

In 2018, about 8.2 million students graduated from Chinese universities. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS), that number increased...

Strategies for Attracting Talents in China

China is a large country that houses lots of great talent for the majority of businesses. The booming market in China is an opportunity...

China-UK: new report reveals massive increase in research collaboration and dependence on Chinese students

By Vivienne L Moxham-Hall and Dr. Niall Sreenan A critical foreign policy challenge for a post-Brexit UK is its relationship with China – and a...
learn chinese

The Benefits of Learning Chinese for Business

By Daniel Nalesnik The influence of the Chinese language has been steadily growing across the globe. According to the academic Jeffrey Gil, Chinese may become...



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