5 Summer Destinations in China


Here are some places that are perfect for spending your summer vacation to chill and relax in China.


Mostly know that China encounters different climates in a year. Due to its erratic weather, it has been nearly difficult to pick a season that would give the ideal weather for traveling around its country. Summertime in China is the warmest season and as a result, various regions in the country struggle from it. Although that doesn’t stop  China, from being inventive and truly amazing. 

China during the summer period is generally hot and wet due to the warm weather and the need to hydrate yourself with water, as well as the desire to go to the beach to swim, camp, and travel when the summer season is approaching. There are far too many things in China that most people would love throughout the summer season.

1. Tibet 

One of the top 5 places in China that you should visit during the summer season is Tibet, especially during its peak tourist season on rainy months. It is ideal to visit Tibet during the summer since it features elevated climbs suitable for hikers and beautiful scenery such as the world’s tallest mountains for attraction seekers. It’s why most tourist blogs often refer to Tibet as “The Untainted Land and Mysterious Culture”.  

Tibet may be visited at any time of year; the region is well-known for the festivities that are held there. Visitors can also explore wonderful monasteries, as well as temples, and churches. Plus, Tibet is also known for having one of the nicest tribes you’ll ever encounter.

2. Jiuzhaigou

Numerous ethnic Tibetans live in Jiuzhaigou, a national park located in Sichuan Province around Southwestern China. The park is known for its magnificent valley falls, colorful lakes, tiered waterfalls, and mountain summit peaks. Jiuzhaigou is mainly visited for its scenic landscapes vaguely reminiscent of fables and fairytales because of its innate beauty. Furthermore, there is just one restaurant in Jiuzhaigou, “Nourilang Restaurant”, which serves Sichuan cuisine, fast food, snacks, and local cuisine.

Long lakes are found in Jiuzhaigou. They are the highest elevated lakes, as well as the deepest. Jiuzhaigou is also where you can see mountains on the reflection of the lakes. There are tons of scenic lakes in Jiuzhaigou.

3. Xiamen

In China, a little city called “Amoy” is located across Taiwan and is currently known as “Xiamen”. One of the loveable cities in China where art galleries, temples, and beautiful parks are. It is also great for visiting during the summer because of its surrounding beaches such as Pearl Bay, Baicheng Beach, Dadeji Beach, and Huangco Beach. All of these bodies of water provide tourists with fresh and breezy air when strolling and camping. 

Aside from the pleasant atmosphere in Xiamen, there are several activities to do in Xiamen. Private sight-seeing tours, day outings and excursions, cultural theme tours, and other outdoor activities are indeed accessible. Also, there are markets and hotels that offer an excellent balance of urban living and give off a relaxing vibe, good for resting after a full-day tour.

4. Guanyin Mountain Beach

Another beach near Xiamen is Guanyin Mountain Beach, ideal for both young and elderly people who both enjoy playing outdoor sports. Popular activities include beach volleyball, flying a kite, and taking a long beach stroll around the area. Along the beach, vendors supply kites, balls, and nets that may be used for different activities. 

In Guanyin Mountain Beach where there can be a very cozy ambiance and cool weather is at. It is for this reason that Guanyin Mountain is appropriate for a summer vacation because of its ambiance and the activities available at Guanyin Mountain Beach. It is an ideal family vacation.

5. Beijing

Lastly, and most excitingly, Beijing was where the movie Karate Kid was filmed, starring Jaden Smith and Jacky Chan. In the movie, Chan played a Chinese by blood showcased various cultural practices and festivals in China like Qi Xi festival which is known to be the Chinese Valentine’s Day (another event also celebrated during summer holidays). It is inspired by a love story between a weaver girl and an ox herd. They celebrate this by giving gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, and ties which symbolize a relationship with a partner. 

Also found in Beijing, the most famous landmark called “The Great Wall of China”. We are all aware that it was built by Chinese authorities to protect and defend the country against northern invaders, and that it is a living structure that has been guarded for decades and is now 2,300 years old. 


China has a lot of historical locations that must be visited not only during the summer, but China and its history has a lot of wonderful stories behind the buildings, structures, and places that will blow your mind, and to gain knowledge from. China would not be China without its rich historical traditions and fantastic legends and myths.

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