HostZealot Review: VPS in Any Location from HostZealot

VPS servers in Estonia

The world of web hosting doesn’t remain still and offers new opportunities to fit into your every need. VPS servers, dedicated servers, and shared hosting plans are now available for anyone willing to go beyond the average providing lightning speed of uptime, reliable storage, and many other cool features. 

Our focus today is HostZealot – the renowned web hosting company offering a large variety of plans for every purpose and budget. The company has been around in IT for over 7 years and managed to create plans and tariffs for the most different uses. Its servers let you feel all the benefits of having a separate space for making all types of operations for managing and improving your website’s functionality. Even a small platform at a starter level can find a worthy solution for its goals at HostZealot. Further on, we will dwell on the key features that make the service a standout.  

Hosting Options From HostZealot: Define What You Need Right Now

Although being known as a service providing versatile variants of servers, one of the most famous reasons the clients seek its help is VPS servers. All across the world, you can have your own ‘rooms’ from where you would rule your own virtual kingdom and gradually top up the quality of the platform. 

All in all, HostZealot is ready to give the following servers for rent: 

1. A dedicated server in Estonia or another location of your interest. 

For those eager to gain full control over your platform and manage every single detail from an OS to administration moves. The exclusive features you will enjoy with dedicated servers at HostZealot also include powerful Intel processors that allow you to save costs, smart monitoring tools, and the chances to use IPv6 communication protocols. The top quality hardware such as Dell, Intel, and Supermicro make your user experience smooth and data storage reliable no matter what location you pick.  

But that is still not the end. Dedicated servers also have quick and effortless upgrades taking nearly 15 minutes just after our upgrade approval.  

2. Best VPS solutions. 

For both large-scale platforms and modest virtual platforms, a VPS is a brilliant solution allowing you to get almost the same benefits that you have with a dedicated server but, perhaps, less headache with managing configuration along with other higher-level operations. What makes HostZealot a wonderful web hosting company is that they give a set of advantages for free while other companies charge extras for that. The list includes Secure Shell, VNC access to the server, reliable SSD cashing, having raw long files at your disposal, a one-click app installer, IPv4 and IPv6, and a lot more. A VPS by HostZealot is, as a rule, multiplatform and has remote control even in the simplest tariff. A few words must be said about the feature that shines as a demanded one – KVM virtualization. This technology lets you easily use independent resources to use with your Linux operating system and increase its productivity with the help of its extensions.  

3. Shared hosting. 

Here you will find the most flexible plans with any disk space and bandwidth. The basic features of every shared server also cover a range of website management tools and side scripts plus a number of free apps such as Typo3, Joomla, MediaWiki, WordPress, and the guarantee of instant server activation.  

A crucial feature of practically every server provided by HostZealot is the info backup. In case if you by accident delete the public HTML folder, there is a chance to retrieve all the lost data without damage. So, our recommendation would be to choose a server with the backup function to get more protection of your resources.  

Prices for Renting Servers In Estonia and Other Locations

Dwelling on the price range of VPS servers in Estonia that you can see in detail on, it is vital to look at the full range of features coming in the price as well. HostZealot allows you to choose from servers starting at 4 EUR per month. An entry-level option like this will give you 2 cores CPU, nearly 500MB of RAM, 10GB of SSD space, and basically 1TB bandwidth. 

More advanced VPS servers in Estonia will let you use 4096MB of RA and 50GB SSD space at about 21 EUR monthly. If you are wondering what other locations are available for having a VPS server in, HostZealot is ready to offer servers at about the same pay in the following countries: 

  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • The Netherlands
  • Israel
  • Cyprus 

Besides, other locations have been taking the leading positions recently:

  • Dominica
  • Egypt
  • Zimbabwe
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Zambia
  • Djibouti

The company eagerly provides servers to both private and corporate users. To choose a suitable plan for your platform, contact HostZealot via chat, e-mail, or social media pages that you can access through the official website. 

HostZealot Web Hosting: the Final Word 

So, what conclusion have we come to? With all the great features in both basic and advanced plans, a variety of servers to choose from, a nice list of locations all over the world, and a reasonable pricing policy, the company gives us every reason to buy its plan. The only drawback is that for a person who is new to IT it could be a real challenge to choose from the tariffs. Yet, the problem must be reduced with the help of the HostZealot support team showing you around the plans and features. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of All China Review.


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