Interior Design Tips For Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

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Selecting an interior style can be exciting but also can be hectic and tiresome. Interior design focuses on architecture and space planning, creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing designs for home interiors and businesses. For a good design, you need to clear your mind and have a clear idea of what you want and a plan of action for making that vision a reality.

When getting started with your designs, there are a few interior design basics to keep in mind. Here is something that you need to consider. 

• Have Your Style In Mind

The first thing that you should think of when designing your home is having your style or a style that you want in your mind. Selecting an interior design style, in the beginning, will help you keep your space cohesive and focused. There are plenty of decorating styles to choose from, they come with their own, unique design elements, colour schemes. Avail yourself with several different styles, including the top design that is in the market right now, to get a taste of what styles and decorating ideas you like. The good thing about having a different style is that you will have to pick which will be comfortable with you and regrets will be few. Visit royal palm beach furniture stores for more information.

• Do not pick the wall colour first

It is advisable that you do not splash your wall with colours before analysing or arranging home accessories. Make this to be your last option because many have regretted this decision and ended up changing it after. The wall colour should be in line with the home accessories. So seeing your home accessories (furniture, upholstery) can give you a rough idea of what colour to paint your wall. The reason for this is that it’s hard to find home accessories that align with your wall paint but it’s easier to find wall paint that aligns with your house accessories. 

• Do not mix up colours too much 

If you want your home to feel calm and have a cohesive feel, then you should not opt for your home to be painted with different colours in every room. As an expert, you can opt to choose 3 colours throughout your house to make it easier on yourself. You should opt for natural and neutral colours in your home because they dictate a state of calmness in a home.

• Make your home have enough lighting

Well-chosen lighting can change the feeling and look of your house. The lighting of your house should be natural, that is the sun through the window and also artificial light e.g. floor lamp, overhead lighting. A well-lit house will give you a reflection of how your house is and how you can improve it. You can choose the light that has different degrees of strength from dimmer light to strong light. The different degrees of light give you different feelings either warm, cosy, or soft. Have in mind that a well-designed room can be spoiled by improper lighting, so choose your lighting properly.

• Mix and match the texture

During your interior design, it is important to bring life to space by pairing different materials together, like wood metal, or velvet with leather. This combination gives an added feeling that helps utilise your space. Make sure at least each room should have a focal point with an interesting or beautiful utility like a piece of art, a fireplace, or a nice couch that draws people’s attention. Take care not to overdo it because if you have too many artefacts in a living space, it will start to feel overpowering and unfocused.

• Do not clutter things but balance your home

To achieve balance in every room, you will need to distribute the visual weight of your home accessories evenly. It is important to declutter your house from the thing you do not love and do not use. By clearing clutter you will create space and your house will have a few important things. A good designer will install hidden storage e.g cupboards for utensils instead of open shelves, and also install a closed closet for clothes. If you do this, you will be able to create a space that makes your home feel complete and balanced.

• Budget carefully and spend on the right thing

When you are getting started in interior design, the best thing is to take things slow and plan then decide carefully what you want to buy. You should spend carefully on home accessories that you love. You can hire a professional to help you in designing what furniture is good for you and he can advise you on how to arrange them in your house because he has some experience. Once done with buying and arranging you can fill in the gaps with your accent items and DIY home decorating.

• Your home is not a showroom

If you are currently working on the interior design of your house, make it easy, simple, and what you like. Do not try to make it like the professional pictures you see on social media or in magazines. Those are meant to show off various design principles and furniture rather than to be lived in. instead make yours sentimental so that your house has the perfect balance of various designs and liveability. 

• Do not tease your wall

What we mean is that do not cloud your wall with a lot of small art, mirror images, pictures. You should opt for a few or a large big. Just one art and clock is enough. You can also add a modular shelf which adds a charming character to a wall, so does busy wallpapers. Or you can stick decal words to finish the taste.

To conclude, remember the most important thing to consider is choosing your style. If you follow the article above then your journey to designing your home will be easy. You should know the difference between decorators and designers and learn to be flexible and also learn new ideas. All in all, learn to take things slowly, enjoy the interior design process, and be explorative.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of All China Review.


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