How to become US Permanent Residence, through investments?

US Green Card

Did you know that you can become a citizen of the United States of America through investments? Investing in a qualified business in the US is an excellent way to receive US Permanent Residence (US Green Card) and become a US citizen 5 years later.

The US has multiple Investment programs through which foreigners can obtain a long-term business visa or an immigrant visa which translates into a Green Card and later on into citizenship. Each of these programs have specific requirements that need to be met to complete the process.

American Immigration Group can help you with the following types of investor visas:

EB5 Program Investor Visa

Choose the right project through American Immigration Group and start your path towards the opportunity to live, work and Give your children access to the schools and colleges in the US.

The EB5 Program allows individuals and their families (spouse and un-married children under 21 years of age) to become US Permanent residents.

Get in touch with American Immigration Group officials to receive all the necessary information’s about the process. Sign the official documentations required. Invest $900,000 in the most iconic projects in the market such as: Banyan Cay Hyatt Resort and the Kingsbridge National Ice Center. File your I-526 petition and within 18-29 months and you can be living in the US as a conditional Permanent Resident. American Immigration Group has a process in place to ensure your required jobs are created with your investment. Two years after coming to the US and receiving your conditional permanent residence your immigration attorney will file the I-829 application to remove your conditions and get your Permanent Resident (US Green Card). Exit from the process by getting your investment back at maturity when the project pays back the loan, including 1% interest rate accrued annually. Optionally, in 5 years from first entering the USA with an EB-5 visa, you can apply a citizen of the USA.

USCIS will require the source of funds which you investing through EB5 Program, which you will have to prepare with an experienced immigration attorney.

American Immigration Group will be with you every step of the way.

E-2 Investor Visa

American Immigration Group offers another option to foreign investors who want to do business and live legally in US through investments.

E-2 visa is not an immigrant visa.

Sign an agreement with us, together we will open and operate a companyin US. We take care of the paperwork, business plan, economics and feasibility studies, due diligence and risk management. Your investment will be allocated in the real estate industry or any other specific industry in which you may have experience.

E-2 visas are only available for citizens of countries with which the USA has an E-2 treaty. Depending on where you are from your visa can be issued for three months up to five years and can be extended for as long as your business in active.

The USA has an E-2 treaty with about 80 countries. Check our website or contact us to see if you qualify for an E-2 Visa.

L-1 Investor Visa

Another option based on investment that grants US permanent residency offered by American Immigration Group is the L-1 visa. L-1 visa it is also a non-immigrant visa.

L-1 visa is given to a business, not to an individual. The L-1 visa enables you to expand your business in the US, send your key executives to the USA to manage your business and bring your family with you as well. The business operating in the US should be profitable and active at all times. To get the L-1 visa your business operating in your country should demonstrate it was profitable for the last three years, and the executives being transferred to work in the US business should have been part of your company for at least one year within last three years.

Within one and a half years from the initial L-1 visa approval you can apply for EB-1 which upon approval gives you and your family US Permanent Residence (US Green Card),

American Immigration Group will make sure all the necessary business registrations and paperwork are completed based on the USCIS requirements.

Generally, for all the above-mentioned opportunities to live and work in the US there are much more details to be considered, so please contact us.

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